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Fluoride Treatment for Kids

Maintain healthy and beautiful teeth with preventive dentistry.
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Is your child at higher risk of developing cavities? Fluoride treatments for children are an easy way to protect your little one’s teeth against harmful bacteria and unnecessary dental work. While tooth damage can be painful and expensive to fix, prevention is the best way to help keep growing teeth healthy for life.

Professional fluoride treatments at the dentist at Melissa Pediatric Dentistry in Melissa, TX help strengthen teeth and prevent cavities using a safe and proven treatment. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), fluoride also helps reverse early stages of tooth decay.

  • Poor oral hygiene

  • Unhealthy diet

  • Weakened enamel

  • Eating disorder

Oral health plays a big role in overall health, which is why our Melissa, TX dentist takes extra steps to prevent problems before they arise. Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps teeth rebuild weakened enamel and gives your family the supplemental protection you need.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

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Safe & Affordable

Professional fluoride treatments are proven to work. They’re inexpensive and can save you money by preserving your child’s natural teeth.

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Protects Teeth

Fluoride helps restore necessary minerals that strengthen tooth enamel (the tooth’s outer surface) and can even help reverse early decay.

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Prevents Cavities

Our fluoride treatment makes teeth more resistant to cavity-causing plaque and bacteria, which means less dental work in the future.

How Fluoride Treatment Works

Our dentist in Melissa, TX helps your smile stay healthy and beautiful.
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A happy smile is a healthy smile, but it takes some work. In addition to brushing and flossing daily, fluoride treatments give your teeth a super-power layer of protection against tooth decay.

Depending on your child’s risk factors, our dentist at Melissa Pediatric Dentistry in Melissa, TX may recommend a simple preventive service with fluoride.

  • Step 1
    During a routine visit, Dr. Heath reviews your child’s health and dental history plus performs a comprehensive exam. Based on our findings, we may recommend a fluoride treatment.
  • Step 2
    The treatment is safe, comfortable, and fast. After cleaning your child’s teeth, we apply fluoride to the teeth using a foam, gel, rinse, or varnish. Your little one can sit back and relax as the fluoride works its magic.
  • Step 3
    Our dentist then provides simple post-treatment steps (avoid eating/drinking for a short period of time for the fluoride to absorb). We may also recommend and prescribe additional fluoride care at home.

Fluoride treatments are especially great for children who are still learning to brush. Remember, it’s much easier and affordable to stay proactive with dental care than to drill and fill.

FAQ about Fluoride Treatment

  • Is fluoride treatment at the dentist worth it?
    Yes! Fluoride treatment at the dentist is worth it. While it’s a simple in-office service, it’s proven to safely prevent cavities and strengthen teeth in kids.

    It’s much easier and more affordable to prevent cavities than to fix them. In addition, serious tooth decay may become painful and even lead to irreversible damage and tooth loss. Additionally, an untreated tooth infection poses life-threatening risks to overall health and should never be ignored.

  • What are fluoride treatments for?
    Fluoride treatments at the dentist are professional and controlled applications of higher fluoride concentrations. They help maintain excellent dental health for patients of all ages, including children and adults.

    The natural mineral helps strengthen the tooth’s outer layer (enamel) to prevent harmful bacteria and plaque from destroying it (forming cavities). While we typically recommend this service for children with growing teeth, adults at risk of cavities may also benefit from the treatment.

    Our dentist in Melissa, TX offers one of the best ways to prevent cavities.
    To improve oral health and, in turn, overall health. Contact us to schedule your preventive appointment for yourself and your family.

  • How long does fluoride treatment last?
    Our pediatric dentist may recommend a fluoride treatment every three, six, or 12 months depending on your child’s dental health and risk factors for tooth decay. While this service helps teeth stay strong, healthy, and cavity-free, it’s just one part of the maintenance plan.

    Remember to follow a proper hygiene routine at home – brush with an ADA-approved toothpaste, floss, maintain a healthy diet, and visit the dentist every six months for regular cleanings and checkups.

  • Are fluoride treatments bad for your child?
    Fluoride treatments are safe under a dentist’s controlled application and are a trusted method for improving dental health. In addition to professional treatments at the dentist and fluoride toothpaste used at home, public water supplies also contain safe amounts of fluoride to prevent tooth decay.

    In extremely rare cases, someone may be allergic to fluoride, and our dentist will recommend the best alternative.

  • What is the cost of a fluoride treatment?
    Fluoride treatments are one of the most affordable services at the dentist.

    Many dental insurance plans help cover the cost of fluoride for kids because it’s a preventive procedure. Even out-of-pocket costs are minimal, and the affordable treatment can save your family time and money.

    Please contact Melissa Pediatric Dentistry to learn more about fluoride treatments in Melissa, TX.

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